Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Not Back Together Just Yet

Attention all Jelena fans: Your two favourite singers aren’t officially back together just yet.

It’s no secret that Selena Gomez has been spending quality time with Justin Bieber following her split from The Weeknd.

And while reports are already calling these too back together, Source has learned things aren’t exactly official.

“Justin and Selena are seeing each other and will continue to be spending time together but haven’t described it as an official couple,” a source shared.


“Right now, they are figuring out if it will work again between the two.”

In fact, these two aren’t calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend at this time.

Things have been moving really fast but they are not officially together as of now,” another source shared.

Over the past couple of days, followers have witnessed the pair enjoy bike rides, breakfast and church together. And just recently, Selena attended the “Baby” singer’s hockey game where she sported his jersey.

At the same time, fans can’t help but remember when Justin and Selena experienced a public breakup back in 2012 due to crazy schedules.
Over the years, however, the pair has been able to reunite. And yes, Justin even found himself posting throwback photos with his ex that quickly got pop culture fans buzzing.

For now, this famous pair is enjoying hanging out. As for what’s to come, only time will tell.

“They are just working on their friendship at this point. Justin has always loved Selena and he always will,” a separate source shared. “If she got fully back together with him, no one would be a surprised.”


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