K Brule has given it back to a non-fan, who called him out on social media.

We definitely didn’t see that coming.

An Instagram user, @elvisboss made a post on social media, where he slammed Brule and called him a “goat”.. While stating he’d rather vote for Dee-One back into the house, rather than Brule.

…and Bam, KBrule responded in a more savage way!

Check out their exchange below;

The former big brother housemate had initially taken to his Instagram page to solicit for votes so that he can get back into the house.

He wrote;

“My people I know a lot of you were sad and disappointed at my unfortunate exit.”

“But God has given me another chance and with your help anything is possible.”

“pls vote me back in, tell your friends and family to vote and I promise to make you proud second time around.”