DOWNLOAD ALBUM : The Proficy – Releasin’ Tension (Zip File)

Another newly dropped hot new jams by The Proficy – Releasin’ Tension, This album was published on 2021-01-22 18:47:16, You can download the zip album using any of the download links below

01. The Proficy – Releasin’ Tension.mp3
02. The Proficy x San Quinn – Set It Off.mp3
03. The Proficy x Cait La Dee; Honest Bob; Equipto; Big Rich; Baldhead Rick; Bailey – Gritty.mp3
04. The Proficy x San Quinn; Raisa X; Big Crates; Big Ben; Just Bizz; Baldhead Rick; Equipto – The Scoland’s Proven.mp3
05. The Proficy – Betta Know About It.mp3
06. The Proficy x Vishus V.; Sqweek; Baldhead Rick; Don Toriano – In the Air.mp3
07. The Proficy x Baldhead Rick – Feel Degreez.mp3
08. The Proficy x Louie Loc; Berner – Gotta Get It, Gotta Have It.mp3
09. The Proficy – Where Ya At.mp3
10. The Proficy x Cait La Dee – Eruption of Terror.mp3
11. The Proficy x Cait La Dee; So’fee (R.I.P.) – Love, Respect and Loyalty.mp3
12. The Proficy x Cait La Dee; Mistah FAB; Queen Deelah – If You Only Knew.mp3
13. The Proficy – Everyday Struggle.mp3
14. The Proficy x Hezz; L Train; Sqweek; Louie Lou (I.M.P.) – In Loving Memory.mp3
15. The Proficy x Raphelle Andrews; Killa Keise (R.I.P.); Don Toriano – Let’s Get It On.mp3
16. The Proficy x Raphelle Andrews; L Seven; San Quinn – Private $ho.mp3
17. The Proficy – Seduction.mp3
18. The Proficy x Cait La Dee; San Quinn – Set It Off (Remix).mp3
19. The Proficy x Equipto; Berner; Grambino; Dregs One; Sqweek; Don Toriano – Movin’.mp3
20. The Proficy x L Seven – Tension Released.mp3



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