There are some popular Nigerian musicians who have dominated the gospel industry in recent times. These gospel artists are not only popular in Nigeria but are also known in Africa and worldwide. Their songs and voices are nothing compared to the richest musicians we have in Nigeria as they sing christian music known to praise God and elevate the soul.

Although, not all gospel musicians in Nigeria that are very popular, we have identified 10 of these Nigeria’s finest praise singers who can compete with the best gospel artists in the world. Their singles and albums have topped charts while most have won several awards.

Below is a current list of top 10 gospel musicians we have in Nigeria today

Sammie Okposo

He is undoubtedly the richest gospel musician in Nigeria today and also sound track producer.  Born in Delta state, he began his musical career in 1995 which has seen him grow popular thereby winning series of award. He has also recorded many hit songs which is still used today in churches around Africa. He is also the best Nigerian gospel artist from the south-south.

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