Sometimes, in a relationship we often do not realise that we are being controlled by our partner for a long period of time. But as time passes by, we experience the negative effects of being in an abusive and controlled relationship. A guy who does not realise that his controlling nature is a problem will not be ready to accept the fact that he is controlling his partner. This can lead to misunderstandings and problems.

Being in a controlled relationship has adverse effects on the mental health of the person as the girl becomes unsure of what is happening around. They think they are over-reacting or over-imagining a problem or even being extra-sensitive. This kind of a relationship will be bad for anyone as living with abusive people isn’t pleasure.Here are some signs of men who controlling too much.

Signs of men who controls too much are:

1.You Are His Everything: When a guy wants you to be with him throughout the day, it is not good. Having your own personal space is very much important, and this applies to both the partners. When there is no privacy, it becomes an issue of control and the relationship gets sour. This is one of the biggest sign of being controlled.

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