If you ask how to leave someone you love, first consider why you want to leave and make sure you are doing the right thing.

When I first started the rough draft of this feature, the direction I was looking for was just how to leave someone you love. I then went on to list all the ways you walk away from love for whatever reason you think you must. But, then, I had a change of heart.

Why the change of heart? I don’t know if it is just me, my age, or the environment that we live in, but what I see in my own life and the world is disheartening. I have a very few number of friends who are still married, in a committed relationship, or who aren’t considering leaving the person that they are with.

Should you really? How to leave someone you love

I started to ask myself why everyone seems to call it quits, like everyone I know. There are commonalities in the reasons people want to leave someone they love.

Being in love sounds awesome, doesn’t it?I mean who doesn’t want the white knight on the horse or the wife at the front door in her apron waiting for her husband? Unfortunately, that is not the way love works.

Before you research the ways on how to leave someone you love, take a second and pause. Find out if you really should leave the person you are with. Obviously, if they aren’t good for you or you are in a bad situation, find your way out. But, at some point in any relationship you go through times of heartache, pain, and unimaginable challenges.

6 reasons that you might not want to leave someone you love

The good news is that if you hold out through the storm, there are always sunny skies to come. Before you find ways for how to leave someone you love, see if there are reasons that you might want to stay.

I know, I am sorry, that may not be the answer that you want. But, when I have thought about leaving the people I love, these are the reasons I hold on and weather the storm.

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