How to Tell if a Man is a Virgin

 What are the signs that show that a guy is a virgin?

Some of the following signs will tell you whether he is virgin or not. You will tell from the kind of behavior he portrays on the different occasions.

Five signs to show a guy is a virgin or not

What are the signs that Show that a guy is a virgin or not?

  1. Awkward Kissing.

A guy is a virgin if his way of kissing is rather unbearable and awkward. He will be shy while kissing .Irrespective of what a guy says, if he is a good kisser, then there are very few signs that he is still virgin. It is therefore more likely that he is not virgin. Although some guys are bad kissers, it does not necessarily mean that they are virgins. Bad kissers are not weird but virgins are shy in most cases and usually close their eyes while kissing, one way you will tell he is virgin.

  1. A virgin is often shy about touching you

 How to Tell if a Man is a Virgin

 If a man has got intimate and or involved with a girl before will not be afraid of touching a female. Being shy is not quite an obvious sign that one is a virgin but an easy indicator to tell you one is a virgin. A man is a virgin if he fears getting intimate with you, or even just touching the intimate parts. Do not confuse his respect for you for his shyness about touching you; It is strongly true that he is virgin if he is shy about touching you but he may not touch you especially in public as a sign of respecting you.
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