If you’re struggling with getting over someone, you may need help to make it happen. But are you actually able to get over a person completely?

There are so many reasons to have the need of getting over someone. They broke your heart. They did something awful to you. Or maybe they were just a bad friend and you want them gone from your memory.

The thing is, it might not be that simple. You wish there was some device that could wipe only that person from your memory but our brains don’t work that way. Often times, wanting to get over someone just makes them stand out more in our heads.

Can you really ever get over someone for good?

This is a pretty big debate out there. Some say you can easily get over someone with time and distance while others claim that it depends on how deep you got into it with someone.

The truth? They’re both right to a certain degree. If you were in love with someone and with them for years and years, there might never be an end in sight for those feelings. On the other hand, if you were in love and only for a short period of time, it’ll be a little easier.

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