Whether we want to admit it or not, our parents shaped who we are today. So, if you’re wondering if a girl has a father complex, here’s how to know.

None of us can control the family we’re born into – or adopted into. It’s obviously out of our control. And some of us are lucky and have good, loving parents. If that is true, then you have a better shot in life. But others have the unfortunate luck of having neglectful, abusive, or even absent parents which can lead to lasting damage in adulthood like a father complex, narcissism, etc.

Regardless of what kind of family you grew up in, your parents helped shape who you are. And the dynamic between you and your mother and father also helps shape what you expect from other people – particularly in romantic relationships.

I was one of the lucky ones. I had loving parents, especially my Dad. He was always proud of us, always treated us with respect, and told us to never marry any man who didn’t treat us as well as he did.

That set the bar high for me. Really high. And while that’s good on one hand, it did present some problems for me because most of the men I had relationships couldn’t live up to my expectations, although I am lucky to have eventually found one.

My point is, that not all girls are lucky like that. So let’s take a look at what damage a dad can do to his daughter, as a result, having her develop a father complex.

What happens if she has a bad father complex

Let’s start by talking about the consequences of having a deadbeat dad. If a girl had a father who was absent, neglectful, or otherwise abusive, then some of the following things might be a result – the father complex.

#1 She date older men. Think about it. If your father was not emotionally nurturing, then it’s not surprising that a woman would subconsciously like to date older men. It’s not like they say to themselves, “My dad rejected me, so I need to find an older man who loves me just like my dad should have.” But many times, it happens that way. They are looking for a “father figure” in a romantic sense.

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