Wednesday, April 24, 2019

8 Signs That She is Now Much More Than a Crush


So you’ve been hanging out with this lady for some time now. At first, she was just a crush, a fun little fling. But now, she seems to be mutating into something more. You’re feelings are starting to grow and you’re noticing your actions are going along for the ride, too. But what are you to make of it? Is she more than just a crush? A lady you can see yourself with down the road? Here are 8 signs she’s much more than a crush.

  1. Phone conversations have turned to long hangouts

From late night calls, to constant texting on the phone that made your thumbs sore has now turned to hangouts. You know she is your crush, and you are going to do everything in your capacity to make sure she accepts you also. So you take her for dinners, lunches, and coffee. And these hangouts become prolonged meetings where you find yourself completely indulged in her beauty. If that is where you are, she is not just your crush.

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