heating is a common problem in many relationships. When one partner discovers that the other is Cheat!ng, there are heart-wrenching emotional effects.

Cheat!ng in a relationship is not the right thing and should be discouraged in every possible manner. Although women cheat in relationships too, but today we will be focusing on men.

Cheat!ng could make a man act in various ways, his emotions could become different and unsettled. The following are various signs that shows he’s Cheat!ng on you:

1. The Fighting

He could begin to pick up unnecessary quarrels and fight; he could do this just to look for an excuse to justify his Cheat!ng ways or even a way to end the relationship.

2. He Becomes Emotional Unavailable

A lot of men tend to be emotionally unavailable to their women, and this is because they have become emotionally attached to someone else.

3. When He Pays Too Much Attention

For some men, they start to pay too much attention to their woman and become too kind and too nice to their lady. These men tend to do this to draw attention away from them and ease off any suspicion of Cheat!ng.

4. Weird Behavior

Some men tend to act weirdly when they’re Cheat!ng. In a bid to hide their feelings of guilt or excitement that comes with Cheat!ng, they begin to act weirdly or come up with strange behaviors.

5. Less Need To Communicate

Cheat!ng could also make a man have less desire to communicate with his woman; his emotions could be stolen from you and he’d start to feel the need to communicate with someone else.

6. Absent Mindedness

A man’s mind could also travel far when he’s having an affair. He’d easily become lost in his thoughts; thoughts of l*** and his affair could sweep his attention.

7. Loss Of Interest In $ex

In a lot of men, their affair could make them lose interest in having $ex with their partner; it could take away that desire to have $ex or an intimate moment with their partner.

Also, when they have $ex, there could be a lack of focus that would probably steal that moment of intimacy. Cheat!ng comes with an extra baggage, and it could hurt your romantic relationship with your man. If you are no more into your partner, its advisable to let her know how you feel and break up with her if you cant fix it. Cheat!ng is never an option.