What are those 5 job secrets they will never tell you? Have you ever wondered while some people are getting and changing jobs with ease, while the others are still at home tapping from other people’s blessings? I bet you don’t know.

Or you are probably wondering how some people change jobs like they own the firms, while others are scared to leave their jobs like a little puppy hiding from the rain. There are some secrets you don’t know and Human Resource Managers is not willing to give it out. Right now I am about to expose all of the secrets and you should be glad you read this article.

Application gets you an Interview, Recommendation gives you the Job

 This is what people call “Connection”. Instead of applying endlessly to all job roles on the internet, spend time networking. Applying for a job you are qualified for, might land you an interview but it doesn’t guarantee you the job. All you need is just a recommendation from anyone who is an insider in that firm and BOOOM you have that job! I have worked in three different organizations and two of them came without stress (Recommendation).
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