Compatibility can sometimes be found in the oddest places. And these 11 signs show you that you’re so compatible already, it’s almost really cheesy!

MFEO. Made for each other.

Some couples are just over the moon and smitten, with spring fever written all over their faces. You see them strolling in parks or malls hand in hand, with their dreamy eyes every time they look at each other. You see these couples giving hugs and blowing kisses to each other every five minutes. Not only do they look like they are made for each other, but they give off that feeling of endless love, the embodiment of the word soulmates. But how about you? How do you know that you and your partner are also MFEO?

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It may be truly corny, but there are signs that easily say MFEO

You may just be oblivious to it, but here are the signs that you and your partner are a match made in heaven.

#1 Déjà  vu. Have you ever had the feeling that you have been in a place before? But you swear that you have never been there? How about déjà  vu in talking to people? Have you ever had that feeling like you have known someone your whole life but you have just met them?

This feeling is usually experienced by couples who are made for each other. Try to recall the first time you have approached your partner, the first time you have had that long conversation and you just could not stop talking to each other. If you felt like you are talking to someone that you have known all your life and not someone you just met, then chances are this relationship could lead to something stronger.

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