Sunday, December 8, 2019

9 Things That Your Man Secretly Loves About You


  1. Smiling whenever you see his face:

He loves you even more when your face lit up due to his presence. The current of your feelings are passed to him when you smile uncontrollably and unconsciously due to his presence.

  1. Looking at him admiringly:

Any man will be proud of you when he recognizes that you admire him. Though he may not tell you about it but it’s his secret that he loved to be praised by you. It also gives his confidence a boost up.

  1. Taking care of his things:

Taking care of his everything, his likings and disliking’s, putting small efforts to make him happy, etc. is all that your man secretly loves you. No matter how egoistic a man is, he loves to be taken care just like a small child. Indeed, every man has a small, fragile child inside him who is hungry for love and care.


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