Do you ever feel like he’s just using you? If you’re unsure of his feelings for you, use these warning signs to avoid heartbreak and pull away in time!

I was in love with a guy for two years who wanted nothing more than to be friends with me. Did he always hang out with me? Yes. Did he come over and eat all my food? Yes. Did he ever pay for anything? No. Are you already cringing? Yeah, I was a fool. The signs of him using me where so clear, but I was so into him I chose to ignore them. Don’t make this mistake of ignoring the fact that he’s just using you, it’ll save you a few unnecessary tears.


How to tell if he’s just using you

If you’re stressing out about your relationship with the guy you like and wondering if it’ll ever become anything more, step back and evaluate the situation. Some warning signs a guy is just using you are right in front of your face.


#1 He only calls you after the sun goes down. The oldest trick in the book. If you notice you never actually see him when the sun is out, he’s either a vampire or is looking for a booty call. Opt for the latter.

If you’re not sure, you can always test this out by asking him to hang out during the day. Does he say he’s busy? Of course, he does. He doesn’t want to talk, he doesn’t want to get to know your personality, he doesn’t want to meet your friends. He wants the booty and only the booty—come on girl, he’s just using you.

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