When it comes to WWE, everyone should clearly understand – not only is it professional wrestling, it was also meant for entertainment, that’s what the last “E” stands for. Here’s why there is a bunch of employees who may not be that great in the ring but they do not lack talent within the entertainment field. For years WWE has brought in women who were hell-hot but knew next to nothing about wrestling. And even though it has changed over the past few years, there are still a couple of Divas who are mostly recognized for their bodies and rarely for their talents.



WWE Divas Who Only Got Hired For Their Looks_2
Kelly Kelly came into the WWE with an athletic and modeling background. She couldn’t wrestle as good as half of the WWE Divas and yet she jumped at the chance and even won her one and only Divas Championship. Kelly was always known for her antics and sexy body, no wonder she was signed only thanks to it.


WWE Divas Who Only Got Hired For Their Looks_3
One of the first and the most popular Diva with good skills, who even was Women’s Champion once and did Playboy first of the WWE Divas. Sure, she didn’t achieve all her success due to only her looks, but obviously, fans couldn’t care less about the wrestling, it was her sexy leather outfits they cared about.


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